Walking through the garage area at a NASCAR race, you see many different things going on at one time. You see teams working tirelessly on the cars getting them through inspection and teams pushing the cars through the inspection line as they try to move the fans out of harm’s way.

You also see those fans who really stand out – the folks who have their favorite driver emblazoned across their shirt, with die-cast in hand as they wait outside the hauler in the hopes of catching a driver to get an autograph or a picture.

These fans make the sport and they’re the reason we love what we do.

Lionel Racing is based in Concord, NC and there are five times each year when race fans descend upon our town. NASCAR has three weekends a year; two in May and one October, NHRA comes to town in March and September, and then World of Outlaws in November. Each time, we’re excited to share Concord with fans who have come to support a sport they believe in.

As you drive past the campgrounds which are adjacent to our parking lot, you see fans with grills and music having a good time. Once the tailgating part of the day comes to a close, they move to their seats where again people interact as they come to their feet when the drivers come around the track on their pace laps. When the green flag flies and the cars take off in a flash, the fans are yelling and screaming for their driver to move up.

For Lionel Racing, this excitement is everything.

That’s why we host an appreciation party for our Racing Collectables Club of America members in May each year before the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race. The morning of, you see fans waiting anxiously outside getting ready to check in and spend the morning with people who share their passion as they find seats with friends or fellow collectors they have talked to online. During the event , members can shop, can add on to their collection with a car they might have not known they didn’t have or to get a car for the guest driver to autograph, and participate in a silent auction and Q&A with the guest driver.

In addition to our annual member appreciation party, this year Lionel Racing is giving fans another chance to find just the right thing to show their NASCAR pride. We’ll be hosting a Sidewalk Sale outside of our new retail store location in Concord, NC. Fans will be able to purchase die-cast cars and NASCAR merchandise at special prices, and also visit our new store that opened this week to the public.

Racing fans are the best fans, and Lionel Racing loves giving back to the people who shape the sport and have such a passion for collecting!

The Lionel Racing Sidewalk Sale will be held on Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day at our headquarters at 6301 Performance Drive SWConcord, NC 28027. Hope to see you there!