The piece of “tape” that adhered to the front grille of the No. 88
National Guard Chevrolet was a hit among die-cast buyers.
Photo credit: Cameras in Action Photography.

A little piece of tape can sure cause a lot of ruckus.

The piece of debris that hitched itself to Dale Jr.’s grille and rode all the way to Daytona Victory Lane is helping make our Raced Win die-cast one hot commodity.

Of course, Earnhardt winning at the biggest race of the year didn’t hurt either.

But the response to our post about the replica “tape” being included on the Raced Win die-cast was one of our most shared win tweets ever.

And we couldn’t be happier.

Our Raced Win die-cast replicate the winning race cars as they sit in Victory Lane. We spend a lot of time drawing each piece of confetti by hand, re-creating scuff marks and now, figuring out how to replicate that famous piece of tape.

This official “Winner” sticker will be featured on all 2014
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win die-cast. Plus, each win die-cast
will come with an actual size decal just like this one!
Photo credit: Cameras in Action Photography.

Plus, with the announcement this week that NASCAR is adding a “Winner” sticker to the car after each Cup series race, we’ve got another authentic detail to make our Raced Win die-cast stand out.

Each Sprint Cup Series Raced Win die-cast in 2014 will not only feature the replica “Winner” sticker on the car itself, but also come with an actual size “Winner” decal that you can smack on your own car if you so choose.

But this one? This one will also be detailed with a little bit of “tape”.

Editor’s Note: Earnhardt’s Daytona Raced Win die-cast can be ordered now from Lionel Racing, the Superstore, or your authorized die-cast dealer and approved online retailer.