The Lord of the Schemes Bracket: Which Scheme Will Reign Supreme?

It’s a battle that has raged on for decades. Many have taken sides while others have argued endlessly … until now! Lionel Racing and Splash ‘n Go has decided to once and for all determine what is the greatest paint scheme in NASCAR history … and we need your help in crowning the “Lord of the Schemes.”

When we first heard that Jeff Gordon, Hendrick Motorsports and Axalta were bringing back one of the most popular paint schemes in the past 20+ seasons – the rainbow-schemed No. 24 – for one race, it got us thinking. We started discussing what we thought were the most iconic paint schemes.

Of course, this sparked conversations that turned into debates about the merits of one paint scheme versus another. Paint schemes linked to Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, Kyle Busch, Dale Jr., Cale Yarborough, Ricky Rudd, Darrell Waltrip and, of course, Gordon, as well as many other drivers.

Then it dawned us … why don’t we settle this with a bracket. This got our collective minds churning and from the billowing smoke surrounding our heads came the idea, “Lord of the Schemes.” The Lord of the Schemes bracket ( is six rounds (similar to some college basketball tournament held every spring) with pairs of paint schemes facing off in individual matchups. At the end of each round, the paint scheme in each matchup with the most votes will move on to the next round until there is only one remaining. The schedule for begin and end dates for each round is below.

Voting for the Lord of the Schemes begins today and will run through Wednesday, November 18, 2015, when the winning paint scheme is crowned. The reason we chose to begin the paint scheme bracket today and not earlier or later in the season is simple. Since the announcement of Gordon’s rainbow paint scheme returning to the track this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway was the impetus for the bracket, it only made sense to launch it the week leading up to the race.

We have polled fans, questioned experts and deliberated for countless hours and narrowed a field that began as more than 200 different possibilities down to 64 of the most awesome and iconic designs in the history of the sport. During the process of whittling the entries down to a manageable number we know that we had to leave many deserving choices on the editing room floor.

We understand that you may have chosen to include a different paint scheme over one that we included, but the whole process is very subjective and opinions vary. If there was a paint scheme you really like that didn’t make the bracket, chances are it probably was one of the many considered. We tried our best to select the very best while still being inclusive by including paint schemes not just from recent years or schemes only from the 1970s and 1980s.

It is important to note that while Lionel Racing makes die-casts, the purpose of this bracket is not to determine which die-cast is the best, coolest, rarest or most valuable; it is simply to determine which paint scheme is the most iconic, popular and awesome.

In the end, we truly feel that we’ve captured the most iconic and coolest paint schemes … and now it’s your turn to vote to determine which paint scheme will ultimately be crowned the “Lord of the Schemes.”

Below is the schedule for the six different rounds.

Round 1: August 19 through September 8

Round 2: September 9 through September 29

Round 3: September 30 through October 13

Round 4: October 14 through October 27

Round 5: October 28 through November 10

Round 6: November 11 through November 18

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