Thank you to everyone who participated in Lionel Racing’s Splash ‘n Go “Can You Spot the Differences?” challenge for September! We had more people than before unable to correctly identify all eight differences. So, if you were one of those few people who did find them all – Congratulations!

We hope everyone had a lot of fun. We tried to make it both easy and challenging. I hope we succeeded.

In the end, we did have a lot of submissions, but there could only be one winner. We compiled the names of all the participants who correctly identified all eight (8) changes and randomly selected one winner. That person was Gael Brooks. For correctly identifying all of the differences between the two photos, the winner will receive a die-cast. (For those who didn’t win, we will have a new type of contest next Wednesday!)

For those who were unable to find the eight differences or if you found them all and want to see if you were correct, they are listed below.

  1. Deleted entryway to stands in top right.
  2. Added leg to pit crew member near the car.
  3. Man in red shirt on pit wall missing logos on shirt.
  4. Added skid mark in bottom left.
  5. Changed “22” to “28” on Joey Logano’s war wagon.
  6. On the track’s outer wall, “First Tennessee” changed to “Second Tennessee.”
  7. Deleted car entering pit road on the left.
  8. No. 88 pit road sign duplicated on the right.