Thank you to everyone who participated in Splash ‘n Go’s March “Can You Spot the Differences?” We had a large number of entries and a large percentage of you were able to correctly identify all eight differences. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, not everyone found everything and that is why we’re showing you the answer key. Regardless of whether you found this edition of “Can You Spot the Differences?” hard or easy, we hope you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy, we only ask that you come back more often to enjoy the entertaining and educational articles as well as the various contests and other opportunities to win great prizes.

Although we had numerous correct entries, we could only pick one random winner. Congratulations to Matt Sims of Missouri, you are this month’s winner! His prize for correctly identifying the eight differences is a die-cast sample of one of his favorite drivers’ cars.

For those who were unable to find the eight differences or if you found them all and want to see if you were correct, they are listed below.

  1. “Boost” changed to “Boots” on the Ford sticker on the door.
  2. The blue gauge farthest to the right on the dashboard is now white.
  3. A second red button is now present on the far left of the dashboard.
  4. A hula girl figurine is now on the dashboard.
  5. The “4” on the central gauge changed to “5.”
  6. Text on the side of the pants leg below “Alliance” is gone.
  7. The “ECU” label above the far-right switch changed to “Win.”
  8. The diamond pattern on the bottom of the seat is gone.