Thank you to everyone who participated in Lionel Racing’s Splash ‘n Go “Can You Spot the Differences?” challenge for January! We had a lot of valiant tries, but there were a lot of people who could only get seven of the eight differences. However, what was more surprising was that there wasn’t just one change that people were overlooking or not finding, it varied greatly from person to person. For those few people who were able to correctly identify all eight differences, my hat goes of to you. Congratulations!

We hope everyone had a lot of fun. As we mentioned when we originally posted this “Can You Spot the Differences,” we knew it was one of the hardest ones yet, which hopefully made it even more fun. But you can rest a little easier because the designer said the next one will be a little easier.

Out of all the submissions we received, there could only be one winner and that person is Tim French of Maine. For correctly identifying all of the differences between the two photos, he will receive a die-cast of one of his favorite drivers.

For those who didn’t win, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways for you to win. Just make sure you check back here at Splash ‘n Go and all of Lionel Racing’s social media channels daily.

For those who were unable to find the eight differences or if you found them all and want to see if you were correct, they are listed below.

  1. Moon added in the sky.
  2. Scoring tower in the infield is missing.
  3. Gatorade logos on the edge of Victory Lane removed.
  4. Stripe mowed into infield grass gone.
  5. “#Daytona500” changed to “#Daytona600”
  6. Additional race car added to the rear of the field.
  7. Entire section of fans on the second left.
  8. Upper-level light in the foreground has burned out.