On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, Lionel Racing’s Splash ‘n Go announced a new contest in which participants had to tell us how many times they spotted a specific driver in a photo.

Of course, the driver we chose for the inaugural “Can You Spot the Driver?” contest was none other than Dale Earnhardt Jr. Participants had to scour the image looking for random Junior appearances. All contestants had to do was tell us how many times the popular driver appeared (they didn’t even have to identify where he was spotted).

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, it was a little harder than that. After approximately 200 entries were received, only 10 participants correctly listed the number of times Dale Earnhardt Jr. appeared in the photo.

And that number was 9!

Consult the above image to find out all the spots Dale Jr. stopped to mingle with the fans.

Out of the 10 contestants who provided the right answer, we could only randomly select one of them as the winner of a piece of race-used sheet metal autographed by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

And the winner is Thomas Selbe of California! Congratulations, Thomas!

Congratulations also to all the entrants who had the right answer! And thank you to everyone who participated! We hope everyone enjoyed it.

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