The last time we did a “Can You Spot the Differences?” contest, the turnout was a lot lower than I expected.

I did some digging to uncover the truth — was it because people were tired of this contest, was it too hard or was it something else? What I discovered is that people still loved the contest, but if we made it too hard they wouldn’t spend their valuable time looking for all the differences.

I wanted to test this theory out. So, I spoke to the graphic designer who creates these for me. “Do you remember the ‘Can You Spot the Differences?’ you did for me back in April?” I asked her.

She nodded that she did.

“Can we make the next one a little easier?” I replied.

“Sure, but not too easy,” was her response.

I agreed.

The theory worked and we had more participants than ever. I don’t think we had more people solely because it was easier, but also because it was a photo from our most recent RCCA Member Event, which many of the participants also attended.

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know how well you did and, even more so, if you won a free die-cast.

Before we unveil the answers and the winner, I want to thank everyone who participated and submitted their guesses. In the end, however, there can only be one winner and this month’s winner is Martin H. of Pennsylvania. After being randomly selected from among the participants who correctly identified all eight changes, Martin will receive a Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2016 No. 88 Nationwide Can-Am Duel Race Win sample die-cast with a Color Chrome finish.

An extra kudos goes out to everyone who was able to find all eight differences! Regardless of whether you found them or not, we hope you enjoyed this edition of “Can You Spot the Differences?”

The eight changes are below.

  1. The wire connected to the microphone is gone.
  2. The blue wrapped pallet of products is now red.
  3. The registration mark at the end of “LIONEL” on the table in the foreground is now a larger font size.
  4. The number “88” on the side of the die-cast on the left is now “89.”
  5. A blue coat is on the chair at the table on the right side of the photo.
  6. A piece of paper to left of the chair in the previous answer is missing.
  7. The white and yellow pole in the upper right-hand corner is now only yellow.
  8. A row of shelving has been added to the top of the wall unit located to the right of the open door.