Can You Spot the Differences? Answers and Winner for August 2016

After the last “Can You Spot the Differences?” contest (from June), we had a huge challenge in front of us.

June’s contest attracted more participants than ever and we wanted to either duplicate those type of results or better yet build upon them. After collecting and tabulating all the entries for August’s contest, we did admirably. We were right where we were for June and we hope this grows in the future.

In terms of whether August’s edition was easier than recent photo challenges, I heard from several people saying that August’s contest was a little more difficult than June’s but much easier than April’s.

The one over-arching message that seemed to be echoed by most, however, was that this month’s Can You Spot the Differences? (as well as the past ones) was fun and that everyone enjoys participating in these little contests.

This makes us happy! We’re glad to hear that people like these contests, but don’t forget all of the other articles and content Splash ‘n Go regularly posts. If there is anything you’d like to see as a possible article, drop us a note in the comments section anytime.

I’ve gone on long enough … I’m sure you all want to know who won this month’s die-cast.

This month’s winner is John Meowry of Maryland! After having his name randomly selected from among the participants who correctly identified all eight changes, John will receive a die-cast car of one of his three favorite drivers.

Congrats to everyone who was able to find all eight differences! Regardless of whether you found them or not, we hope you enjoyed this edition of “Can You Spot the Differences?”

The eight changes are below.

  1. Lady in pink at the top has disappeared.
  2. The red shirt of the fan on the left of the photo with arms stretched above his/her head has changed to blue.
  3. A man taking a photo with a white cell phone has magically appeared just to the left of the center of the photo.
  4. Jeff Gordon’s red helmet turned yellow.
  5. The logo on the back of Jeff Gordon’s uniform, near his waist, has been removed.
  6. The credentials for the photographer in the green vest to Jeff Gordon’s right are missing.
  7. There’s a bright flash coming from a cell phone a fan is using near the top right corner of the photo.
  8. A vertical pole has appeared on the right side of the photo, up against the fence.


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