Splash ‘n Go’s Collector’s Corner for May 2016: Gloria T. (Miss G)

Starting this month, we here at Splash ‘n Go have decided to do a monthly article where we highlight a die-cast collector and his/her collection.

Every month, we provide the collector who will be featured a questionnaire about their NASCAR fandom and, of course, his/her die-cast collection. In addition, we invite the collector to share photos of his/her collection for the entire world to see.

The first collector in this series is Gloria T. (or Miss G) from Connecticut. Gloria T. has been an avid Carl Edwards fan from the first time she saw him race on TV before ever getting to see him race in person or getting to meet him. For someone who knew nothing about NASCAR until she met her other half Dana. He introduced Gloria to the sport and she’s not only learned the fan side but also the crew side and both of them are licensed crew members on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

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  1. When did you become a NASCAR fan? 2007
  2. Which drivers/teams/car manufacturers do you pull for? Carl Edwards
  3. What tracks/races have you been to? Which drivers have you met? I’ve been to races at New Hampshire, Daytona and Homestead. I’ve also visited Darlington during an off weekend. Additionally, I’ve been to many of the NASCAR home tracks in New England and New Smyrna in Florida. I’ve met Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Chase Elliott, Bill Elliott, Steve Park, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, plus the drivers at the Lionel member events, and a few at the NASCAR Hall of Fame the last two years.
  4. What is on your NASCAR bucket list? Would really enjoy going to championship weekend again at Homestead. We had a great time at the Lionel members event last year. At some point, I would enjoy going to races at Darlington, California, Chicago and Kansas (Carl’s home track).
  5. How many die-cast are in your collection? 1:64s? Fifteen, which includes two haulers (one being a proto), one ELITE and two protos, plus the various event cars. 1:24s? With those on pre-order, just over 200, including the various samples and protos. 1:18s? No 1:18s, but I do have one 1:43.
  6. What year did you start collecting die-cast? What year did you become a RCCA Member? I began collecting ARC’s in early 2008. I became an RCCA member in late 2011 or early 2012.
  7. What was your first die-cast? Most recent? My very first car was a $20 department store car I received as a gift in 2007. My most recent car added to my collection is actually two cars both Ghost finish — Carl Edwards Aflac and Subway.
  8. What is your favorite die-cast and why? That’s a hard choice as there are so many favorites in my collection. I’ve always been partial to the “duck.” Aflac cars make up about 40% of my collection. If I had to pick just one it’d probably be my DNP Aflac Shifting Shades Proto.
  9. What die-cast would you love to add to your collection and why? Either a Carl Edwards Nationwide Aflac proto or more recent would be an Arris or Subway proto from Carl’s current era in the 19 car with JGR, simply because I don’t have a proto from his Nationwide days or his current JGR era.
  10. What die-cast would you love to see produced and why? Carl Edwards race wins … any of them. Unfortunately, three of the four since he’s moved to JGR have been DNP’d and the last one is still being polled (fingers crossed it makes MOQ and gets made as it’s the only way to get the XFINITY paint scheme). [Editor’s Note: Carl Edwards’ No. 19 XFINITY Toyota Camry Richmond Race Win met MOQ and will be made.)
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