We’re sometimes asked to give tours of our facilities to people who visit. For myriad reasons we’re not always able to oblige, but when we are able, we’re more than happy to escort fans throughout our building to provide a close-up view of what goes on behind the scenes.

We know, however, that many people who would like to see our operations are not always able. Either they live too far away to visit or we are unable to provide a tour at the requested time.

Therefore, we decided to bring the tour to you through a series of photographs. We hope you enjoy!

We’ll start the tour at the front door of Lionel’s headquarters in Concord, N.C.

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One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk through the front door is our on-site retail store that opened in October 2014. The die-cast section was expanded in recent months.

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We exit the retail store through the orange door at the back of the expanded die-cast section and hang a left to make our way over to the Call Center.

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A couple points about our Call Center:

  • There are a total of 11 agents (7 on the Lionel Racing side and 4 on the Lionel Trains side) who answer the phones 60 hours a week.
  • Last year, the agents in the Call Center answered more than 90,000 calls.
  • There are 10 toll-free numbers that come into the Call Center.

From there, we head out into the warehouse.

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Some interesting facts about the warehouse:

  • Lionel maintains 160,000-square feet of total warehouse space between two different locations. (Note: The photos above are taken in the warehouse at the headquarters. The other warehouse is at another location in Concord.)
  • Lionel ships approximately 100,000 small packages plus 30,000 pallets annually.
  • From the time a pre-ordered die-cast arrives in our warehouse until it is shipped out to the customer the average time it is in the warehouse is less than 30 hours.
  • Lionel employs 16 full-time warehouse team members.

From the warehouse, we head through a red door (visible in one of the photos above) into the Archives.

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After a brief walk through the Archives, we head out through another door and enter the Media Room.

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The Media Room is Lionel’s largest meeting room and is equipped with video conferencing equipment, in addition to other technologies.

When we exit the Media Room, we immediately find ourselves outside two new rooms that are currently still under construction. Both of the rooms will be used to assemble, paint and pack our new Lion-Scale train cars.

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Once past these two rooms, we weave our way back through the warehouse and return to the offices for the last stop on our photographic tour. The walls in this part of the building are lined with shelves displaying DIN #1 ELITE die-cast from recent years, as well as special program die-cast and awards Lionel has received.

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After gawking over the sheer beauty of all the die-cast, it’s time to move on through two doors into the lobby and out the front door where your journey began.

Sadly, this is where our tour ends.

Hope you enjoyed it!